Town Taxes

REMINDER Loudoun County has assumed responsibility for assessing, billing and collecting personal property taxes and vehicle licensing fees in the town limits of Round Hill (and has extended the deadline to June 5th)

Under the new centralized system, the County will be responsible for:

- Personal property taxes in Round Hill;

- Business tangible personal property taxes in Round Hill; and

- Vehicle license fees Round Hill.

For these taxes and fees, residents and businesses in the town limits of Round Hill will receive combined semi-annual bills that include all county-administered taxes and fees as separate line items. Each line item will show the respective county or town tax rate and amount. Taxpayers will remit a single payment for the total taxes and fees to the County of Loudoun.

Click here fro the link to the County's news release on taxes  

FY 2020 Town Taxes

(July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020)

Real Estate Tax (Section 58.1-3201)
$0.161/$100 assessment (equalization rate)

Personal Property Tax (Section 58.1-3500)
$1.15/$100 assessment (no change)

Utility Tax (Section 58.1-3814)
$0.80/$100 (no change)

Cigarette Tax (Section 58.1-3830)
$0.40 per pack