Round Hill Alerts

Read the information below to sign up and receive Round Hill based alerts, as issued by Loudoun County.

Round Hill Alerts

The Town of Round Hill is using the Alert Loudoun system to notify residents of local issues affecting Round Hill. The following are examples of how this system may be used to contact you:

  • A water break affects your area;
  • Local traffic situations within Town;
  • Emergencies that affect Round Hill.

The Town will not be using Alert Loudoun Alert for general information. Please friend us on Facebook to receive general Town event and news alerts, or Subscribe to Round Hill Town News.

Loudoun Alerts

Loudoun Alerts is a service provided by the Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management. The service provides users with choices as to how they wish to receive alerts (text, email, phone, TTY/TTD). These choices can be prioritized as well. The alert categories include:

  • Weather;
  • Emergency;
  • Traffic;
  • School Closings and Delays;
  • General Announcements and Information;
  • Town Information and Alerts;
  • Sheriff Alerts.

Sign Up for Alerts

  1. Go to Loudoun Alerts;
  2. Access My Alert Subscription;
  3. Go to Town Information and Alerts;
  4. Select Send me alerts for the following towns.;
  5. Check Round Hill.

You’re done!