Niels Poulsen Park

Niels Poulson Park is located at 17325 Greenwood Drive and consists of two parcels of land totaling almost 9 acres which were dedicated to the Town by Wormald Homes in 2018 and officially acquired by the Town in March of 2019. The Town Council formally adopted the name Niels Poulsen Park to honor the significant impact Mr. Poulson had on the founding and history of the Town of Round Hill. In the late 1880s, Niels Poulsen operated a sawmill and lived at the center of town, where the post office is located today. Poulsen raised 11 children and several of his decedents still live within Round Hill.

Niels Poulson Park has the potential to be a major venue for community-wide events such as the annual Arbor Day Celebration and provides areas for leisure activities. Niels Poulson Park now provides the general public with access to playground equipment suitable for children as young as 6 months to 12 years, exercise equipment and exercise trail, and seating areas including benches placed around the park and surrounding trails.

Niels Poulson Park is open to the public year-round from dawn until dusk.