Special Zoning Districts

In the past, when the Town of Round Hill completed a Town Expansion, also known as a Boundary Line Adjustment, the Town would bring the properties into the Town Limits under the County Zoning Ordinance regulations. The Town had the option to keep each property under the County Zoning District or to rezone the property to a Town of Round Hill Zoning District. In 2005, the Town incorporated several County Zoning Districts (with associated sections/articles) into the Town Zoning Ordinance. Compliance with the County Zoning regulations only relate to those properties that are zoned as one of the following special zoning districts:

The following are the County Zoning regulations (circa 2005, not the current County Zoning Ordinance) that these special zoning districts must follow:

For sign regulations, please refer to Article 13 of the Town of Round Hill Zoning Ordinance.