Sleeter Lake Park

Sleeter Lake Park is located at 17749 Lakefield Road, between Round Hill and Purcellville, on the east side of Sleeter Lake. The park consists of 11 acres of land that was dedicated to the Town of Round Hill as part of a boundary line adjustment that combined the park with another parcel already owned by the Town. 

Sleeter Lake is approximately 100-acres and is privately owned by the Round Hill Owners Association. There are a number of restrictions on public use of the lake, including no swimming, wading, scuba diving, or ice skating. For more information, go to Sleeter Lake Park Rules

The property where Sleeter Lake Park is located was originally owned by Colonel Frank Sleeter and his wife, Elizabeth, who moved to Round Hill in 1942 and built an orchard on 50 acres of land. A decade later, they built a cold storage and packing plant in what is now High Hill Country Store. The lake was created in 1963 to provide irrigation to the orchard operation that had grown to nearly 1,000 acres. John Sleeter, son of Frank & Elizabeth, sold the property in the early 1990’s to Robert Lewis, a Loudoun County developer. The dedication of this park was a proffered condition of the development of the Villages at Round Hill by Oak Hill Properties in 2000.

The Town of Round Hill, in partnership with Loudoun County and Round Hill Homeowners Association, spent years developing the park. In addition to the Town and County, several local volunteer organizations have contributed to the development and beautification of the park, including Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, the Round Hill Outdoors Committee, Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains and members of local Girl & Boy Scout Troops . The Town, as owner and operator of the park, has opened the use of the park to all of Loudoun County and its visitors. The 11-acre park features picnic areas with tables and grills, canoe and kayak storage, a soft-launch boat ramp and an extensive shoreline for fishing.

Sleeter Lake Park is open to the public from March 1st through the last Sunday in November and opens at 7:00 AM daily. Park closing times change throughout the season and are posted on our website, at the park and on the sign at the bottom of Lakefield Rd. If you are locked in the park you will need to call the Police Non-Emergency line at (703) 777-1021.