Town Mayors Participate in Joint Vaccination Effort

COLT Seeks to Emphasize Safety and Importance of COVID-19 Vaccine
Mayor Ramsey receiving his COVID-19 vaccination.

On Tuesday, March 30 Round Hill Mayor Scott Ramsey participated in a group COVID-19 vaccination event with Mayor Kwasi Fraser of Purcellville and Mayor Bridge Littleton of Middleburg.

The event was held at the Purcellville Town Hall and was organized by the Coalition of Loudoun Towns (COLT) to promote the safety and need for those in our communities to sign up and get vaccinated.

In a statement released by COLT earlier today, the Mayors shared the following message: “As elected officials and citizens we understand there are those in our community with concerns over taking the COVID-19 vaccine. We have joined together to help alleviate those concerns. We believe in being vaccinated; it is good for our communities, our towns, and all of Loudoun County. We have all suffered under COVID-19, many in ways that have been devastating. The only way we move beyond the COVID-19 restrictions and their impacts is by taking the vaccine. It is how we get back to normal – safely – for everyone.

We care deeply about everyone’s safety, and as representatives of over 70,000 citizens in Loudoun County, we feel it is important to demonstrate our confidence in the vaccine. The Mayors represent all backgrounds, creeds, race, color, gender, and age, and we strongly feel it is the right thing to do for the health of our communities.

Each of our Towns are in Western Loudoun and we know well and recognize the needs and concerns in Western Loudoun. We have joined together in Purcellville specifically to encourage every person to get vaccinated by pre-registering at, if you haven't already done so.

Everyone in Loudoun has shown great resilience over the past 12 months. We have banded together and faced many challenges, sorrows, victories, and worked hard to support one another. Through continued vigilance, safety, and vaccination, we will finally end this pandemic.”

Photo courtesy of Loudoun Times-Mirror.