Water & Sewer Rate Study 2019

The Town Council adopted an updated water rate study at its Thursday, April 4 meeting that recommends new rates beginning July 1, 2019. Overall utility rates will be reduced 2.8%, from $17.91 per 1,000 gallons to $17.40 for in-town customers using both water and sewer service. Rates for water-only customers will decrease 16.1% from $8.30 to $6.96, and rates for sewer-only customers will increase 8.6% from $9.61 to $10.44. Out-of-town rates were adjusted by the same percentages and out-of-town users will continue to pay a 50% surcharge above in-town rates.

Availability fees were also adjusted, with an average increase of 5.4%. The rate study recommends all rates be increased each future year by 3% until a new study is performed.

"We found during this study that our financial reserves were more than healthy, allowing us to reduce rates. Round Hill continues to have the lowest utility rates among Loudoun towns other than Leesburg," said Mayor Scott Ramsey. "It is a testament to the efficiency and frugality of our utility staff, as well as sound planning by prior Town Councils and administrators."

The rate study can be found at Water and Sewer Rate Study 2019