Water / Sewer Billing & Policies

Leak/High Usage Adjustment Policy

The Town of Round Hill will not waive or reduce water and wastewater bills due to theft, loss, leaks or excessive use of water except as follows:

Leak/High Usage Adjustment Conditions:

  • Customer’s account must be in good standing
  • Customer has not received a leak/high usage adjustment in the past 3 years
  • The leak or high usage does not have to be unintentional or have occurred outside to qualify, however leaks or unintentional use must be corrected promptly upon discovery or notification by the Town.
  • Adjustments are not available during periods of mandatory water conservation except in the case of underground leaks.
  • An adjustment may only cover two billing cycles if the source of the leak or high usage could not have been reasonably discovered and fixed prior to the end of the first billing cycle.
  • Customer has provided any documentation requested by the Town Administrator
  • The total usage on the account for the billing period is at least 150% of normal usage, with normal usage being the average usage over the past calendar year, or as estimated by the Town Administrator.

Leak/High Usage Adjustment Amount:

  • All wastewater charges above normal usage and up to an amount equal to 300% of normal usage may be credited to the customer’s account at the discretion of the Town Administrator subject to the above conditions.
  • No water charges will be adjusted.
  • The Town Administrator makes the final determination, and may refuse an adjustment for not meeting the above conditions or for another reason at their discretion.
  • For adjustments of charges beyond 300% of normal usage (‘catastrophic’), the customer is required to submit their request to the Town Council for consideration. The Town Council will not consider any appeals for non-catastrophic leaks.

Updated 1/21/16

Billing & Collection Procedures

The Town of Round Hill bills bi-monthly for water and sewer.   The bills are dated for the last day of the month during which meters are read; currently February 28, April 30, June 30, August 31, October 31 and December 31.

Payments are due 35 days after the bill date.  Late charges are applied on day 36, and reminder notices are mailed to all delinquent accounts.

All customers with deliquent balances at fifty (50) days will have their water service disconnected if not paid by 10:00 AM on the Cut Off Date on the bill. At the time of disconnection a notice will be posted upon the door along with a copy of the late notice reminder.  UPON DISCONNECTION, PAYMENT IN FULL IS DUE PLUS A  $125.00 RECONNECTION FEE WILL BE REQUIRED TO TURN SERVICE BACK ON.

If payment is paid after business hours water will not be turned back on until next business day.

PLEASE NOTE:  The water meters are read; we do not estimate unless inclement weather conditions prevent actual readings.  The water/sewer rates and all fees are set periodically by the Town Council.  A copy of the fees can be found on our website, http://roundhillva.org, or may be requested at the Town Office.