Nighttime Drone Survey for LED Street Lights

Flying Fox

The Town of Round Hill has contracted with Flying Fox UAV, a professional aerial acquisition company based out of Lovettsville, Virginia, to take a nighttime survey of Main Street, Loudoun Street, Lake Ridge Estates and Creekside. This survey will document the before/after illumination of the new LED streetlight installation process that is in its final phase and show the benefits of the dark sky compliant lights.

This work will occur during the early nighttime hours on Tuesday (11/5/19) and Wednesday (11/6/19) of next week. This work should be silent with no negative impact on the residents. During this survey, the Town will take a video of the neighborhoods from several hundred feet in the air and then at a road level view to simulate the view seen by drivers. At all times, the privacy of the public and houses will be maintained, and no images will be taken looking into windows of the homes. All staff from Flying Fox UAV will be in company vehicles with proper identification when they are operating drones in the street area. In addition, this company is licensed by the FAA to complete these flights and aerial surveys.